Our 1st Thankful Thursdays

What am I thankful for?


This handsome bearded man right here!

Oh my, my man, my Love!  This man right here is the love of my life, my favorite person ever, friend, soulmate!  This man has put up with me through thick and thin.  Through all my craziness.  Through un-diagnosed Bipolar, being diagnosed, getting the meds right, and 2 hospital stays.  All of this and he still loves and takes care of me.


He’s handsome and loving.  Sweet and kind with an amazing heart.  He love our little family even though our babies have always had 4 legs and fur instead of the traditional kind that have 2 legs, lol!  He was even a good sport about taking family pictures this year and gave a ever so slight (sweet) smile.

He supported me through yoga teacher training.  Being gone 1 weekend out of every month for 10 months.  He listened to all the crazy stories I had and all of the crazy things I was learning.  He’d just roll his eyes and laugh.  He’s supported me being a yoga teacher which has taken me out of the house several evenings a week.  I often feel guilty about this, so in the past year I have cut back to 1 class a week on Thursdays and every other Tuesdays.  I teach Saturday mornings too but he’s often playing golf at this time so I don’t feel guilty.  He’s never once complained or made me feel bad for it cause he knows that it’s a passion of mine.


I’m the luckiest there is.  This man has loved me since I was 15 years old.  We grow up together.  Got married at 18 and have been together ever since.  This year makes 20 years married and 23 together!  I love him even more now then I did back then.  I didn’t even think that was possible.


True love is a man that will help you work on your handstands and hold your shirt up at the same time, lol!  Not real sure who or how we took this pic, but it made me smile when I found it just now.  Hope it makes ya’ll giggle a bit.

May all your paths be peaceful  (Proverbs 3:17)




My Personal Challenge

OMGoodness, Thanksgiving Ya’ll

baked pie with topping on white ceramic plate near brown pine cones
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Let me start by saying Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite.  1. because of the food and 2. because of all the family being together (not necessarily in that order).

Ok to the challenge I set for myself….  I think it’s fair to say I have a sugar addiction and a compulsive/impulsive eating issue (could be disorder but nothing diagnosed).  So I’m starting small because when I try to go big and do it all at once with no end in sight I fail and fail hard!  So my challenge/goal is to not eat any desserts or sweets until Thanksgiving.  At which time I will have a normal amount/portion of food and desserts.  Then I’ll restart the challenge no sweets or desserts until Christmas.

I’ve also added lemon water to my morning routine as a bit of a cleanse.  I’m using 2 drops of Young Living Lemon Vitality Essential Oil to 1 bottle of water).  I’m on day #2, lol so far so good!

May all your paths be peaceful, (Proverbs 3:17)


Motivational Monday

Proverbs 3:17, 18


Sunday Night Home Group

Can I just start by saying I love our little Home Group on Sunday nights!  It’s always so up lifting.  I always leave there feel extra special and loved.  Like everyone was truly glad to see me and hear what I had to say/add to the conversation.  It’s such a blessing in my life.

Our little church is fabulous too.  If you live in the Southern Dallas area I recommend checking us out High Pointe Baptist Church

What we’ve been learning about recently is Happy People…  Well this week was Happy People are Happy.  Meaning that if you can change your thinking to positive thinking instead of “Stinking Thinking” (as we call it) this will help bring you joy.  It will also bring joy to others and encourage them to be joyful as well.  Often times they don’t even know it is happening or where the happiness is coming from.

The verse above really grabbed my heart last night at group.  I was only supposed to read verses 13 and 18 but 17 made my heart smile so I included it.  Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace.  Does that not bring you a sense of peace?!  It does me.

So my motivation for this Monday is just that.  I want to challenge you to let go of the “Stinking Thinking”  and find some happiness.  Even on a Monday when it seems so hard to be positive and so easy to complain and grip.

May your paths be peaceful,



“What’s In The Box”?!!! Lol

10 points for the person that can tell me what movie that quote is from, lol!


I love getting this box every month!!!  It’s kinda like a little bit of Christmas every month!  It’s always exciting, even though I already know what I ordered and “What’s In The Box”!

img_20181111_144314_012I have lots of DIY Christmas baskets planned (rubbing hands together with anticipation)!  I’m getting excited ya’ll!  Christmas is almost here 🙂  I already have my Christmas cards and will start addressing the envelopes this week.  I even have 6 people bought for.  I’m actually feeling a little accomplished this year.  Although, I also feel very anxious about getting everything done and everyone taken care of.  Auntie Jen can’t be slacking, you know.


On top of all the Christmas fun, we we still have Thanksgiving to celebrate in a little over a week.  Thanksgiving is my favorites.

Lemon Water Detox


Well, tomorrow I’m starting my lemon water detox!  1 to 2 drops of Young Living Lemon Vitality oil and a bottle of water.  Most people do hot lemon water but I really really really dislike warm drinks, yuck.  I have to have ice!

Gotta start being healthier and have more control over what I put in my body and get more active.  I’ve really let things go.  This is my first small step.  Hoping to also start walk/run at during my lunches but were starting with the water.


Got some more Thieves dish soap this month.  I love my Thieve dish soap.  I get so excited when I can replace something bad with something natural.  However… the hubby doesn’t like it so much because it’s not a very sudsy soap.  So to make us both happy and to make it go a little further I add some natural Dishmate Ecos soap!  It’s a great combo if you miss the suds.


So glad ya’ll could open my Young Living box with me!  Now we know what was in the box 🙂

Many blessings,


Trick or Treat!

img_20181031_214941_694(from left to right:  bestie, mommy-in-law, me, and my mama)

Fall Festival Trunk or Treat

(It was raining so we had to do a room and not a trunk)

So much fun!  I signed us up to be in the trunk or treat this year at our church Fall Festival.  We went with a construction theme because myself, my husband, and bestie’s hubby are in the construction industry.  TJ’s (bestie’s hubby) company TexasBit donated the custom made signs.20181031_183044

We had soooo much candy 2 Home Depot buckets full.  We were expecting around 2000 kids but with the rain I think we only had around 500!  I gave the last 3 kids giant hands full.

Had me a delicious dreamcicle snow cone, all proceeds from the snow cones went to help the homeless.


Ohhh and we won 2nd place!!!  I didn’t even know there was a contest going for the best room!!!

Halloween Party


The Sexy 6 went to the yearly Ghoulish Gala that my childhood friend Stephanie throws every year!  She does such a great job.  The above pic is us at my parents house before going to the party.  The adorable little Halo solder is my nephew Emmy.  He didn’t get to go to the party with us (it’s adults only) but he had fun dressing up and taking pics with us!!!  20181020_205156  I think he gets tired of his Auntie Jen kisses, lol (not that I care he’s getting them anyway).


Yep that’s me the creepy nun from “The Nun” I love this party cause I can dress up scary!


Hope ya’lls Halloween was as fun as ours 🙂


~Jen and the Sexy 6

Sooo much has changed!


I am truly amazed at how much of a work in progress I am and have been in the past year.  I’m very much still under construction and yes it is God doing the work.

One big change, I no longer consider myself to be spiritual.  I am straight up a Christian, Baptist if we want to get specific.  However, my political views aren’t exactly like most Baptists, but I think that’s ok.  I am doing my best at being consistent w/ going to church every Sunday, which is actually pretty easy because I love it and it makes the week way better when you start it w/ the Lord.  We have a small/home group every other Sunday evening.  It’s so nice to be around like minded people to just fellowship and study together.


So what changed?  A couple of things.  I started digging deeper into some of the things that as a yogi I just accepted as being good and full of love and light.  I was ignorant in a lot of this.  I no longer see Buddha as simple, it’s not it’s very deep and different when you start learning the real stuff and not just the nice quotes you read on the internet.  I don’t have anything against anyone of the Buddhist faith, I just found out it doesn’t mesh with mine so I’ve stopped using his quotes and no longer have his image anywhere in my home/life.  I no longer consider the “Universe” and God as being interchangeable (they are very different).  I now stir clear of any of the old “Goddess” circles/groups that I used to see as harmless.  It just doesn’t fit with what I believe and what the bible says.


I no longer practice Reiki.  Not because I don’t believe in it but because I believe that it is like palm reading or fortune telling.  You are possibly communing w/ something that is not of this world or of Heaven.  Possibly seeing/being told the future, according to the bible we are not supposed to do any of those things.  I look back now and think how ignorant I was to allow that to be placed in me and have asked God to remove it, and I believe he has.


So what was the final kick in the butt that really opened my eyes, turned my world upside down and brought me back to the my Christian faith?  Well, people to be honest, but not people of the faith.  People with little or no faith sent me running back.  I had started having some issues at one of the studio.  We’ll just say there were some personal attacks and a lot of gossip and other stuff behind my back that was very hurtful.  So I started looking (and talking to my father-in-law) about teaching a class at his church.  Then I felt this calling to not just teach a plain old yoga class but to make it a ministry.  To teach about God and read scripture and have a prayerful reflective time w/ God at the end of class instead of savasana.  I was excited and still am!  However, when I started talking about this the darkness came out of the wood work to try and dull the light.  I had a long time friend, that is in the Wiccan and Santeria faith, lose it on me.  It offended him so badly that I was taking out the Hindu parts of yoga (which he believes are the main part of yoga) I believe that yoga was around way before the Hindu faith latched onto it.  I also believe that yoga is for everyone and is a tool to get a person into a mental and spiritual place for prayer/meditation/reflection and not a practice of the Hindu faith.  After these to people (both having a very dark belief system and believe in lots of the dark arts) that I realized I was on the right path and that this was just Satan trying to deter me from what God had put in my heart to do.  So I jumped in head first, I quite the studio and started teaching at the church.  *Side note I no long associate w/ the people mentioned above, in person or online*

Faith Based Yoga

This week I start my second class at the church.  I have a chair yoga (my original class) and a beginners class starting tomorrow.  I have been so blessed by the people that are in my life now, thanks to this class.  The studies I do now, books I read, worship, and fellowship have changed my life completely.  I’ve done a complete 180 and I’m so glad.  My heart feels like it has grown more than double.  I feel like I have more love and joy to share.  I’m on God’s path now and doing his work.  I may not be fruitful when it comes to children but I believe that I am now being fruitful in the way God intended me to.



I also started teaching twice a month back at my home studio (where it all started).  It’s so nice to get to see all my old students/friends again.



So what’s the same, lol?  I still eat meat, I still struggle w/ diet cokes (but I’m still fighting), I don’t cuss so much anymore but I am finding lots of fun in coming up w/ new and funny sayings to use when I stump my toe!  I drink a little but way way less than before.  I’m still a secretary by day.  I’m a woman of God, wife, furbaby mama, daughter, sister, bestie, crazy auntie, yoga teacher.

Such a long post.  My plan is to post more often so I don’t have to make them so long.

Thanks for reading and Lord willing I will post again soon.


Best Night Ever

25550172_10156110718682873_394455720242370082_nOh my ya’ll!

I have to say I’m so proud of my hubby and the guys for planning and executing this night all by themselves and without us girls figuring out what they had planned!  It was so much better than I could have ever imagined.  We went to a super fancy restaurant (the kind where you don’t put your elbows on the table) called Restaurant 506 at Sanford House in Arlington, Texas.  It was gorgeous, as you can tell from the picture above.  Every inch of the  restaurant was decorated for Christmas.  I have to recommend the Rum Punch if you ever make it over there.  I know you’re thinking like we did, that that was it but no there was more!  They really out did themselves and made the night absolutely amazing.


Wow, it’s been almost a year and I still haven’t finished this post!

After that amazing dinner the boys took us to an escape room!  It was so exciting.  When Ditto realized where we were she squealed and jumped up and down 🙂  It was so much fun.  We even made it out in time.

We’ve been back since then and they now have a brand new room that we haven’t been through yet but hopefully we will soon.